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Sumera Atta  HOM DCHM

I have known homeopathic medicines since my childhood.  I never realized the power of these tiny pills until I had my own children. My interest developed in Homeopathy when my oldest son got rid of his recurrent ear infection and fever after switching to Homeopathic remedies. I experienced the same healing pattern with other kids in all their chronic or acute health conditions. AfterI graduated from Canadian College of Homeopathy and can practice this art of healing in a more regulated environment. My goal is to promote Homeopathy as an alternative and gentle way of helping people with their health conditions.

Milva Petrova HOM DCHM

In 1997 I graduated from University with a major in International Tourism. I have worked more than 17 years in the Tourism field. I discovered Homeopathy in 2007 while addressing my first child’s health issues when he was two years old. I had the chance to witness the power of healing and I was drawn into it. It happened that fulfilled my childhood dream – to help people restore their health. My training started at Homeohelp Holistic School (2010-2011) and then at New Homeopathic School (2012-2016) - both in Bulgaria. I continued my education at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto.  I obtained my Diploma in Homeopathy and Health Sciences from - the only Homeopathic program in Canada, accredited by ACHENA. I am looking forward to helping more people to keep their health in a good standing.


Proud Alumni of CCHM

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